CBC's Best in Miniature, Season 2: Finalist

The intention behind my build:

Due to climate change, in 2050, the Earth's core is overheated causing tectonic plates to massively shift. With this, you get a convergent reaction where Earth's crust is created into mountain like ranges & our ocean's floor completely destroyed resulting in our water source being 75% depleted. Hence, trees are a rarity & wood is the new gold.

Moss still thrives on any surface however, but soil is depleted which explains why much of nature that you see now is no longer as visible in 2050.

In whole, there is an amazing mix of both worlds of futuristic high tech & old school vintage retro, which is a timeless connection between generations.

Home is our sanctuary, a place to be creative, a place to unwind in our elements, a place that doesn't necessarily reflect what's happening in the outside world. That even through Dystopian & dilapidated homes, you can still find a sliver of hope & beauty in everything around us.

In general, I love sci-fi & fantasy because of the creative imagination of world-building involved. You get to invent something that doesn't exist in the real world that the audience can appreciate, be wowed, moved & inspired by. 


My takeaway:

I am forever grateful for the lessons & experiences I have gained from being on this show. I 'unurthed' my potential as an Artist & also, 'unurthed' the value of limitless possibilities when it comes to tapping into & using one's imagination. Just when I thought the massive dreams I had were far from reach, they were in fact, within arms reach.

I won't ever forget the feeling I had on the very first day I took those very first steps in the workshop. This chance in a lifetime to be a part of this show turned out to be a gift that keeps on giving as with each step I took, came the blossoming friendships I made along the way. The energy in the workshop is what I imagined what an Artist Residency would feel like & I couldn't have asked for a better alignment of Miniaturists to share this journey with.

With this chapter coming to a close, I look forward to creating more art & putting it out into our beautiful, infinite Universe & sharing it with you. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement & support & following along my miniature adventures.

Truly manifesting my dreams one inch at a time,

- Tracy

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Synopsis of Best in Miniature: Competing alongside 9 other talented Miniaturists from around the globe, each episode presented a new challenge filled with criteria, requirements & most of all, a race against the clock that needed to be met in order to make it through to the next round!

The show premiered on Sunday, February 19th, 2023 on CBC TV & can also be streamed on CBC Gem!

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